WhatsApp Postponed New Privacy Policy Till Three Months Later

Whatsapp new policy

The WhatsApp has now officialy announced the postponed of the new policy which is previously shedule to come into effect on february 8, 2021.

Which has already caused tens of millions of it users migrating to other rival platform like Telegram and Signal. Its now made clear that the new privacy policy update did not involve WhatsApp data sharing or personal conversation with Facebook as people has been confused about it.


WhatsApp mention in his Blog that the company just want everyone to understand their principles and the facts, while what you share with your family and friends still stay between you, which means your personal conversation is always secured with end-to-end encryption, neither WhatsApp or Facebook have access to those conversations. 

This make the company to released a blog post separately to clear the confusion in users mind on friday, which added its going to add three-month delay before the new upgrade rolls out in other to view users review before the upgrade.
Its was made clear that no one is loosing access to his or her account if they didnt accept the new privacy policy.

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