Google Starts Tab Groupings On Android Chrome Browser's

Google grid tab layout

The latest update of Chrome android app comes with a new users interface, which is known as tab grouping in the sense that where by it helps in organizing open web pages tab.

The new update rolls out on some users smartphone after the release of Google Chrome version 88 for android last month, according to 9 to 5 Google reports, where by its not available for every one yet. 

The new updated interface comes with a grid layout of open web tabs that replace the previous one of vertical list of tabs, just like that of chrome iOS existing tab interface.

Where by it can display up to like six open tabs on the screen in which it can be closed by swiping either left or right, and the small icon at the top of the screen represent that incognito tabs.

Concerning the new grid displaying method of tab which is just rolling out on androids, this make it more convenient for users to organize their tabs, which this type of tab view has been available since last year on Chrome desktop version.

According to 9 to 5 Google, it was made know that the new features starts rolling out on some smartphone by last week which is late January 2021, where by some haven't been experiencing this new features yet on their phone.

This new features can be manually enable by imputing chrome://flags in your phone address bar, then search and enable “Tab Grid Layout”, “Tab Groups”, “Tab Groups Continuation” and “Tab Groups UI Improvements” options. After all this you have to restart your Chrome browsers twice before you will be enable to have access to the new interface.

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