Xiaomi Announced Launch Month For Redmi Note 10 Series

Redmi Note 10 released date

The Xiaomi company just announced the launch month for the upcoming Redmi series which is Note 10, this was made know yesterday 9th of February 2021 by the firm which was publicly announced that Redmi Note 10 series launch is going to take place in March of 2021 where by the specific date hasn't reveal yet.

Redmi Note 10 released date

The release date was previously announced by the company to be officially available on February 10 at 10:10 AM IST (11:40 PM ET).

The well know Xiaomi company recently reached a high rate of 200M Redmi Notes series sold worldwide, where by the upcoming budget Redmi Note 10 is expected to boost the company sold rate and will also serves as the successor to the popular Redmi Note 9 in India and Worldwide.

Redmi Note 10 released date

It was reveal that the upcoming Note 10 is expected to rolls out in two different models which are Redmi Note 10 and Redmi Note 10 pro for India, nothing much hasn't been reveal about the phone specifications, it just to be expecting long lasting battery life, a good and luxurious design and a nice user interface.

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