How To Fix iOS 15 AppStore Downloads Not Working

How To Fix iOS 15 AppStore Downloads Not Working

Trying to download from AppStore on your iPhone with iOS 15 Public Beta version? On tapping the Get button while it resist and replace it back with cloud and arrow pointing down button, this shows that your AppStore download is not working. Here is a guidepost on how to fix your AppStore downloads not working.

Actually this particular issue was reported by users trying to test out iOS 15 Public Beta Version before the final fall later this year. If this particular problem resist when you press restart to restart the download, try out the below method to get your iOS 15 public beta AppStore working.

How To Fix iOS 15 AppStore Download Not Working

After series of research I've found out easy fix for this particular issue; it was realized that while listening to song using Apple music and trying to download or update an App in AppStore at the same time, the download won't work.

How to fix this? You just have to take some brake from listening to music anytime you need to update an existing app or trying to download new app from AppStore. The AppStore downloads will start working as soon as you stop the music that music playback is stopped.

Although this just a temporary fix for the downloads not working until Apple itself rectify the issue in the upcoming iOS 15 final fall later this year.

Still having issue with the iOS 15 AppStore downloads or experiencing any other problem installing and using iOS 15 and iPadOS 15 Public Beta Version? Share us your feedback through the comment section and share with any icon below.

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