How To Speed Up Your iPhone By Clearing Your “Other" Storage Section

How To Speed Up Your iPhone By Clearing Your “Other" Storage Section

iPhone users think they're in need of new Phone when running out of storage space which may result to Phone lagging, but no; there is a way to speed up your iPhone by just twerking some settings which I'm going to reveal in this post. “Other" storage section you could have come across it maybe when you're trying to free up your iPhone space manually, if not let have a glance of it before diving into how to clear your storage to speed up your iPhone.

The “other" storage section of your iPhone is where all your phone system files and other useful invisible files are stored, this section can also be the one that make use much of your iPhone memory because it also stores cache from App and website you visit, so they can load faster next time you make use of them. The caches increase as you're surfing the internet, streaming videos and music, as those operations are performed on your device the cache will keep adding up and consuming your storage space. Follow the steps below to check whether your phone other storage section is taking much of your storage space.

  • Go to your phone Settings.
  • Locate and select General.
  • Tap iPhone Storage. (It will take some moments to calculate how your storage was used by each section on your iPhone)

It will display a colored bar graph showing you information of how your storage is being used, the bar colored gray is always the other storage used which is mostly the one taking much storage space. The only option to finally dump the other storage section of your iPhone is to backup, reset and restore your iPhone. Finding that process frightening you can try out below methods which might work for you.

Offload App that you ain't using frequently but uses much of your storage space.
Clear your Safari cache and close unused tabs.
Change save text forever settings to short time frame To change that go to Settings >> Messages >> Message history >> Keep messages, then change forever to 1 year or 30days.

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