How To Use Safari Extensions On iOS 15 iPhone And iPad

How To Use Safari Extensions On iOS 15 iPhone And iPads

Safari Extensions, the most popular Mac safari feature which was now available on selected iPhones and iPads with the advent of the latest Apple operating system iOS 15 and iPadOS 15. For using Safari Extensions on your iPhone and iPad you just have to download the Extensions from AppStore, configure and activate them on your phone Settings.

What's Are Safari Extensions?

Safari Extensions are kind of software programs that improve web browser utilitarian and functionality. Extensions have been available on mac's for a long time ago, if you're not using extensions for Safari, Chrome or Firefox browser on your Mac yet you're missing out, using browser extensions you can twerk your browsing experience to your taste.

Extensions work includes boosting browser productivity and experience most act like content blocker which restrict your browser from block images, videos, Ad and more. Here is full a guide on how to make use of these Extensions on your iPhone and iPad.

How To Use Safari Extensions On Your iPhone And iPad

  • Lunch your Settings locate and click Safari.
  • In the General section, Tap Extensions from the option.
  • Click More Extensions.
  • You will be directed to Safari Extensions section of AppStore where you can navigate to install preferred Extension.

Here is another method to download Extensions on your iPhone or iPad; Lunch your AppStore directly from your home screen and browse for Safari Extensions using the search tool in AppStore to see list of available Extensions. After downloading the Extension of your choice you just have to take some moment to activate it in your phone Settings.

How To Activate Safari Extensions On Your iPhone And iPad

You can easily locate the installed Extension in your App library because it save inform of App while it likely to display on your home screen based on your iOS home screen settings.

  • Locate and lunch the Extension App to configure as you like.
  • After configuration head to your Settings >> Safari >> Extensions.
  • Toggle On the switch at the front of the Extension App name to activate the Extension settings in your Safari browser.

The Extension has now been activated for your Safari browser. Among the iOS 15 and iPadOS 15 features Apple also introduce the Private Relay feature that provide anti-tracking function when surfing internet using Safari browser on your iPhone and iPads.

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